ROS20VSC Bosch orbital sander Review

Product Name:Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander
Weight:3.5 pounds
Power Source:Mains
Speed:12,000 OPM
Features:Variable sanding speed, hook and loop attachment system, microfilter dust collection system, 1 year warranty
ROS20VSC Bosch orbital sander Review
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The ROS20VSC is one of the best Bosch orbital sander units that we have tested so far. The orbital sander from Bosch is a 2.5 amp mains powered sander that has many great features including variable sanding speed, advanced dust collector, and the Hook and Loop attachment system for easy attaching and removal of sanding pads.

Variable Speed

The Bosch ROS20VSC comes with a variable speed control system that allows the sanding pad to spin at speeds ranging from as low as 7,500 OPM all the way up to 12,000 OPM. This means that you can alter the speed depending on the type of sanding work that you are doing – if you are sanding a very rough area and you want to take away as much of the rough surface as possible, then you can set the sanding speed to its highest level. If, however, you are just polishing a delicate area and want to avoid gauging the surface, you can set the Bosch ros20vs series sander to a lower speed setting.

Bosch Orbital Sander Advanced Dust Collection System

Bosch has made a big deal out of the dust collection system used with the ros20vs series of sanders and it’s no surprise because the dust collection on this orbital sander works exceptionally well. Bosch has named it their microfilter system and states that it can filter dust particles as small as 1/2-micron in diameter. Honestly, we couldn’t confirm or deny that specific statement, but one thing is for sure – the unit does collect the dust very efficiently and there is the minimal mess left behind when sanding with this device.

Even more impressive is the ease with which the dust filter unit can be removed from this Bosch orbital sander – simply twist the dust pod and it comes straight off, making it very easy to empty and then re-attach. the canister is very compact as well and it doesn’t get in the way when sanding like some other sanders.

Integral Pad Dampening System

The Bosch ROS20VSC orbital sander comes with its own built-in pad dampening system which helps to prevent gouges or swirl marks from appearing on the surface being sanded. When we tried the sander this seemed to work very well – we polished several areas with the sander and the finish was very smooth.

Bosch signature Hooktight fastening system

The hook and loop attachment system is very popular with most orbital sanders but Bosch has gone one step further with their very own proprietary attachment system which they have aptly named Hooktight. The Bosch version of the hook and loop system boasts over 35,000 hooks that will provide a firm grip of the disk during use whilst still allowing for easy removal. The hooks are made from durable materials for longevity. Furthermore, the backing pad itself features a microcellular design that allows some flexibility for the sanding pad which helps to ensure a smooth finish on both flat and contoured surfaces.

Bosch Orbital Sander Contents

  • ROS20VSC Bosch orbital sander unit
  • RS034 Soft Sanding Pad
  • Micofilter Dust Canister (2609199179)
  • Vacuum Hose Adapter (VAC002)
  • Sanding Disc
  • Dampening Ring (2609170071)
  • Carrying Case

Additional Information

  • 5 x 9 x 6 in
  • 3.5 pounds
  • mains powered
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
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