Bosch 3725DEVS – bosch random orbit sander

Product Name:Bosch 3725DEVS 3.3 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Variable Speed Sander with Dust Canister
Weight:5.1 lbs
Power Source:Mains
Speed:12,000 OPM
Features:Rugged die-cast aluminum gear housing, dual-bearing pad mount, long-life design, dual handle, orbits and rotates, Powerful 3.3 amp, variable speed
Bosch 3725DEVS – bosch random orbit sander
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The Bosch random orbit sander with model number 3725DEVS is certainly an impressive tool. It is unlike any other orbit sander that we have tested in terms of its sheer power and ease of use. The multi-purpose Bosch random orbit sander comes with a powerful 3.3 amp motor as well as a variable sanding speed that can be set anywhere between 4,500 and 12,000 OPM. Even though this orbital sander from Bosch is one of the heaviest sanders that we have tested – coming in at a whopping 5.1 pounds – it was still very easy to control and use thanks to its multiple handling points.

The 3725DEVS is very effective at sanding multiple surface types thanks to its dual-action pad which orbits and rotates at the same time. This means that less pressure is required for the same sanding effects and it results in the orbit sander doing a very efficient job with what seems like very little effort.

The Bosch random orbit sander has an orbit diameter of 3/16 inches which is impressive compared to most other orbit sanders that we have reviewed and when combined with its free rotation the Bosch orbital sander provides a consistent swirl-free and fine finish to multiple surface types.

Rugged Design

The Bosch orbital sander features a very robust design which includes rugged die-cast aluminum gear housing, dual-bearing pad mount, main handle, and front handle for additional stability and control.

The Bosch 3725DEVS sander also comes with a very well-sized dust collection box that fits onto the lower back of the sander. Because of the way this orbital sander has been designed the dust unit sits nicely below the main handle of the device which stops it from getting in the way whilst you are sanding. But at the same time, the dust collection unit is bigger in size than many other units that we tested meaning that you can sand for longer before the dust collection box needs to be emptied.

Orbital Sander with Dampening Unit

The Bosch orbit sander comes with a dampening ring that helps to prevent marks or gauges from appearing on the surface.

Package Contents

  • Microfilter Dust Canister — RS026
  • Sander Vacuum Hose Adapter — RS006
  • Vacuum Hose Adapter — VAC002
  • Soft Backing Pad — RS031
  • Pad Wrench 5mm Hex — 1 907 950 006
  • Sanding Disc
  • Dampening Ring — 2600206010
  • User manual (Downloadable)

Other useful information

  • adjustable speeds between 4,500 and 12,000 OPM
  • 14.1 x 8.5 x 6 inches
  • Mains powered



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